Friday, August 22, 2014

Secwepemc establish checkpoint at Imperial Metals mine


Lloyd Vivola said...

British Columbia is being turned into an industrial park by the federal government of Canada and favored corporations that deal in the extraction of mineral resources on many fronts. These policies endanger both the ecological integrity of the land and water as well as the good health of citizens today and for years to come and thus have been met by much resistance from First Nations and settler communities while typically being under-reported by the mainstream media. Thanks for this as-it-happens snapshot and report from the Secwepemc Checkpoint.

Note: One of the reasons Imperial Metals may not be addressing the Mount Polley clean-up - aside from friends in high places - is that it has been reported that the company is scandalously under-insured for environmental catastrophe. See the BC-based Common Sense Canadian for further ongoing coverage of developments online.

Someone with a clue. said...

You people have a lot of nerve. It takes a lot to spread the disinformation you're so freely spewing in your article. Well, it's either a lot of nerve, or blatant stupidity. Maybe both. You have the nerve to take photo's and video of employees and contractors without permission in some situations yet hide your faces when confronted by cameras not under your own control. You're all a bunch of hypocrites too. Your little camp at the end of the Bootjack Forestry Service road is full of items that had to extracted from the earth. If you're going to protest something, you don't go about using the end products of what you're protesting against. What happened to being able to live off the land? I don't see any animal hide shelters, or hunting/gathering activities going on, no you go to the information meeting hosted by Imperial Metals and load up on food paid for by the same company you're protesting like a bunch of college students raiding mom and dad's pantry at Thanksgiving. You must have been so busy eating that you forgot to listen or ask any intelligent questions or else you'd know why clean up hasn't started below the actual breach in the dam. You're such hypocrites that even your spokeswoman can't be bothered to remove the golden ring she wears in her nose before being filmed. I recant my comments about having a lot of nerve. Yes, stupidity wins the day. Bravo you clueless idiots.