Sunday, August 3, 2014

Photos O'odham honor Zapatistas Galeano

Thanks to Klee Benally for sharing photos of the O'odham event last night in Tucson to support the Zapatistas and honor Galeano, the murdered Zapatista teacher in La Realidad, Chiapas. Photos: Ofelia Rivas, founder of O'odham VOICE agaiinst the Wall, host of the event, speaking. Simon Ortiz, Acoma Pueblo author, poet and professor, reads in honor of the Zapatistas and Galeano.
Simon Ortiz told the crowd, "This is the place Indian people are talking about. This is the place. Whether it's Chiapas, Wounded Knee, Sand Creek years ago, or Brazil today.  Or Canada where First Nations people resist for the sake of their land, culture, community."  Ortiz shared his poems and songs.
National Indigenous Congress
Today is our last day to raise enough funds for the O'odham delegate and I to travel to the National Indigenous Congress in Chiapas. We each need donations of about $300 for the travel costs. The Indigenous Congress is being held near the Guatemala border in the Zapatista stronghold. It begins tomorrow, Aug. 4, 2014. Donations can be made here on the left side at the PayPal on Indigenous Resistance.

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