Sunday, August 3, 2014

Indigenous Resistance most read news this week!

Indigenous Resistance most read news of the week

Navajos protest Navajo government relationship with Israel
Watch news video, Navajos protest outside Navajo Council Chambers in Window Rock, Arizona:

Palestine another Sand Creek Massacre
Bolivian President Evo Morales declared Israel a terrorist state and five Latin American countries withdrew their ambassadors. As Palestinian children are being murdered at United Nations schools and shelters, Native Americans voice their solidarity with Palestine.

UTE LAND: Tar sands strip mine stopped for week

On Monday, July 21, a mass mobilization following a week-long action camp halted construction at U.S. Oil Sands’ tar sands strip mine all day. But those of us maintaining a permanent presence in the area under threat noticed something else: work on the site they’ve been bulldozing hasn’t resumed since then.

Mohawk Nation News: From Wounded Knee to Gaza Massacre
MNN. July 29, 2014. The Zionist butchers massacring the Palestinians in Gaza are the same interests that carried out the genocide of 150 million indigenous people in the western hemisphere. Like with us, the British set up the genocide. Just like the Palestinian, every inch of our land is illegally occupied.

Zapatistas to meet with National Indigenous Congress in August
The National Indigenous Congress meets in the Zapatista Stronghold in La Realidad, Chiapas Aug. 4 -- 8, with a press gathering for independent media on Aug. 9.

Texas spies ponder the Mohawks
The Stratfor files: Texas spies ponder the Mohawks, expose Tohono O’odham fusion center and call Cochabamba conference ‘trippy.' Other Wikileaks files expose spying on the American Indian Movement, and the secret CIA op 'Operation Chaos' targeting AIM and others in 1967.

New today: Photos Ofelia Rivas and Simon Ortiz honor Zapatistas Galeano in Tucson, hosted by O'odham VOICE against the Wall, photos by Klee Benally.

Most viewed archives at Censored New this week

Censored News archives continue to be read around the world. This week, the top countries around the earth reading our eight year labor of love, are Russia, Germany, France, Ukraine, Turkey, Philippines and Romania.

Bolivia: The Rights of Mother Earth law enacted

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