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Navajos protest Navajo government and Israel relationship


"The Palestinians have a right to sovereignty and self-determination in the same way (Navajo) have a right to sovereignty and self-determination," said Andrew Curley, member of Dine' for Sanctions Against Israel. Read article by Charly Edsitty, Channel 12 News:
MORE: Video of Navajo protest march in Navajo capitol of Window Rock, Arizona
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Israeli Apartheid corporation received this year's surveillance contract at Arizona border, includes spy towers on Tohono O'odham Nation
In the spring, Homeland Security gave the huge border contract to an Israeli corporation, not a US one. It is Elbit Systems, an Israeli defense contractor responsible for Apartheid security at the Palestine border. The new US contract includes spy towers on the sovereign Tohono O'odham Nation. The elected Tohono O'odham government in what is called Arizona has approved the 15th US spy tower on sovereign land. Now those spy towers will be built by an Israeli company. Already there are US spy towers pointed at traditional O'odham homes, not the border. The previous ones were built under the previous US contract with Boeing who subcontracted Elbit. If you read the Homeland Security press release for this year's contract, you'll see that even Homeland Security is making excuses for granting the border security contract to an Israeli company instead on a US one.

Russell Means "Every policy now the Palestinians are enduring was practiced on the American Indian."

Malaysia: The Malaysian plane tragedies have brought out this fact: The Malaysian war crimes tribunal found Israel guilty of war crimes against Palestine

Navajo President meeting with Israeli Apartheid government

Grassroots Navajos outraged, call Navajo president 'war machine puppet'

By Brenda Norrell
Censored News
Dec. 10, 2012
Navajo President Ben Shelly
Navajos reacted swiftly today to the news that Navajo President Ben Shelly is meeting with the Apartheid government of Israel today. The news comes the same day that Native American musician and poet Joy Harjo rejected a petition from Native Americans and Palestinians to cancel her performance in Israel.

Outraged grassroots Navajos called Shelly a "war machine puppet."

Louise Benally, Dine' resisting relocation at Big Mountain, Arizona, said, "Ben should stay in Israel, to learn how to farm, they are only puppets for the war machines."

"Is he learning how to farm food, or weapons of mass destruction?" said Benally, among those on Black Mesa who say the Navajo Nation government is a puppet government of the US, which abandoned them for coal mining and power plant dollars.

Reacting to Shelly being in Israel, grassroots Navajos quoted Russell Means.

Means said, “Every policy the Palestinians are now enduring was practiced on the American Indian. What the American Indian Movement says is that the American Indians are the Palestinians of the United States, and the Palestinians are the American Indians of the Middle East,” Means said in 2009 before he became ill with cancer. Further, Means pointed out that the Zionists who control Israel now control the United States. “The power of the US in world politics diminishes every day.”

Shelly said in a statement that he is meeting with Israeli leaders to improve agriculture.

Agriculture, however, is already a controversial issue for the Navajo Nation government.
The Navajo farm, Navajo Agricultural Products Industry, near Farmington, N.M. has promoted Monsanto's genetically modified seeds for years, while other Indigenous Peoples around the world were burning those seeds. By now, those genetically modified seeds would have cross pollinated with traditional nearby Dine' crops.
Indian Country Today censored exposure of another fact about NAPI: Raytheon Missiles has a factory on NAPI farm land where commercial crops are grown for potato chips and other food products. Indian Country Today censored this fact during trade negotiations between the Navajo Nation and Cuba in 2006. Raytheon Missiles continues today to have the factory where the Navajo Nation grows corn, wheat, barley and other crops.

Shelly said he will be learning about Israel's new technology.

Tohono O'odham, on their homeland on the US/Mexico border in southern Arizona, say Israel's Apartheid technology is already being used against them. Israel's defense contractor, Elbit Systems, was subcontracted by Boeing for the border wall and spy technology on the Arizona border, using similar technology Elbit used on the Apartheid border of Palestine.

Shelly will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu December 12, 2012. Navajo radio station KTNN reported that Shelly will meet with the Prime Minister and "begin dialogue on nation to nation relations and invite him to the Navajo Nation for future talks." Shelly arrived Saturday in Tel Aviv and plans to leave on Friday.

Shelly and First Lady Mrs. Shelly are in Israel for a week to meet with dignitaries of the Knesset, Israel’s legislative body, and the Ministry of Agriculture, according to a press statement. Shelly will meet with the Christian Allies Caucus of the Israeli Knesset, which includes members from six of 13 political parties in Israel. The caucus is chaired by David Rotem, who also serves as chair of the Knesset Committee for Law and Justice.

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Mikst Granny Ralls a.k.a. The Lil' 'Ol Lady From Pasadena (TX) said...

EMERGENCY! We need help at the Al Shifa Hospital and other hospitals that are being bombed. We have livesttreamers and citizen journalists on the ground some are injured. International human rights activists are acting as human shields to protect the hospital yet it seems to no avail. We desperately need intervention.


"There was a very loud explosion immediately adjacent to Al Shifa Hospital just moments ago..... People are running to the area now to check the exact location. If you were here, you would see that there are refugees who have taken shelter in every square inch of ground around the hospital. Not only is the area around the hospital a densely populated civilian area, any available space has also been filled with people seeking the shelter and the protection that they hope the hospital can continue to provide. May Allah protect Al Shifa Hospital and may Allah protect the people who have come here for refuge.

The biggest challenge that is being faced by the Palestinian medical community right now is that Israel is continuing to attack medical facilities even if there are patients and staff in them.... I just got word that two of my best friends are trapped inside of the Beit Hanoun Hospital where they went to assist patients to evacuate the facility... the Israelis are shelling the hospital... some patients are injured.. one of my friends is injured..... the civil defense group and other agencies are not able to get in to help them because the hospital is being shelled. I fear for the safety of the patients. I fear for the safe of my friends."..#GazaUnderAttack

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Great Dine Nation and Great First Nations for standing up together in Voice
and Conscience. As we say No More War In My Name, No More War in Our Name to Gaza and
our own Native Homelands, we end all wars over our world and families. And to the era of war paradigm.

That shift is here and coming.
In Heart and Freedom.
(sister grassroots coalition to end all war and gaining international movement -
let's strengthen and unite in family, sisters and brothers, can clans!)