Thursday, September 25, 2014

On the Louisiana Gulf after the Climate March: 'Nothing has changed'

Message from the People's Climate March

posted by Cherri Foytlin Sep 24 2014
Photo: Cherri Foytlin at the People's Climate March, by Karen Savage.
The view I have now of Brooklyn Bridge, will soon be replaced with fracking rigs. Coming into Baton Rouge, buildings will change to tank farms, New York Harbor will become BP soiled waters, the subway tunnels – pipelines and canals that let the Gulf of Mexico claim our lands. Central Park will turn into a mining-induced sinkhole and four hundred and ten thousand committed marchers will drop to hundreds of the fiercest fighters I have ever known. Yet, there will be strangled liberty and seldom justice.
Returning home, I know that for us, nothing has changed.
People are still sick from the BP spill, workers are still in danger, oysters are still gone, environmental justice communities and Superfund sites still exist, ten LNG plants are still coming, ports are still growing, coal export continues to expand, refineries and chemical plants are still poisoning, and as always we have very little representation with the will or the guts to stand up for the people they claim to serve.