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Mohawk Nation News 'July 4th, New Babylon Day!'


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MNN. July 4, 2014. Who among us is Free Mason? It’s time to look at Dekanawida’s warning about the white serpent. “At first the white serpent would be friends with the ongwehonwe. Seven generations after contact he would have us squeezed so tight against his chest that we can hardly breathe”.
Sacrificial lambs
Sacrificial lambs

If the white serpent is Free Masonry, they came here with a plan to set up the New Babylon. Today many of our people are visiting the Masonic Lodges at night. They are attending their real “longhouse”, where they meet with their Luciferian brethren.
Free Masonry is the worship of Lucifer, they believe is the light carrier. The initiates make a blood oath to protect the secrets of Free Masonry. Blood sacrifices and murder are part of the rituals to move up to the higher degrees. Those at the bottom don’t know any secrets and believe they are doing good work. Free Masons must do as they are ordered from the Lodge at one of their weekly twilight meetings. Evil does not meet in the sunlight. Their membership is for life.
Forty-two of the forty-four signatories on the US Declaration of Independence were Free Masons.

Captain Joseph Brant
Captain Joseph Brant. All 33rd Degree Masons get a bronze statue. 
Their greatest Indigenous member was former Mohawk, Captain Joseph Brant. He was completely removed from our Confederacy. He was put out front to the media as our phony representative. In fact, he was a translator and a Captain in the British Army. That is all! He is a traitor to the Great Peace.
Today many of our people have joined this Luciferian cult. Ask each chief and any future candidates, “Are you a Free Mason?” How deep does this cult run within our communities?
If Free Masonry is the white serpent, and any of our corporate chiefs have taken an oath to the Lodge, then they do have us squeezed so tight we cannot breathe.
US fireworks
Fireworks, US style. 

As Bruce Springsteen laments: “Born down in a dead man’s town, the first kick I took was when I hit the ground. You end up like a dog that’s beat too much. Til you spend half your life just covering up. Born in the USA! I was born in the USA!” Bruce Springsteen. “Born in the USA!”
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MNN. July 1, 2014. Returning to the Tsilhqot’in Nation of their 1,750 square kilometers of stolen land is merely scratching the surface of legal title of Great Turtle Island. Canada [ISO #1366-2:CA] is a corporation. This is Indian country!
The next Omnibus Bill will have the mandatory salute.
The next Omnibus Bill will have the mandatory salute.
Our visitors will have to understand the Two Row Agreement.
home native landThe 1701 Great Peace of Montreal between the inherent nations and the visitors made an agreement. The French accepted the Two Row, agreed to come to one mind with us. Half of any revenues would go into the Indian Trust Fund. They could stay on our land in peace. Anything they develop is shared with us. One month later the British made the same agreement. We invited them into Canada. They settled in Kingston. [Nanfan Treaty and Beaver Hunting Grounds Treaty, 1701. Both wanted everything we had and illegally made themselves our trustees. In 1704 Queen Anne confirmed this fund and that any disputes would come before an impartial third party.
To destroy the Great Peace, the Free Masons were hatching a plan to start the Revolutionary War. From childhood Mohawk Joseph Brant was adopted by Sir William Johnson, the representative of King George in the American colony. Joseph’s sister, Molly, became one of Williams many loves. In 1761 Joseph was sent to Quaker schools on the east coast where he was turned into a British patriot. Among them was Wheelocks Moors Indian Charity Schools in Connecticut which is now Dartmouth College.
Joe Brant: "Listen, my people, this treachery is for your own good!"
Captain Brant: “Think about you and your family. Don’t worry about the people.” 
Joseph knew us, spoke all our languages. The Iroquois Confederacy appointed him only as a translator. He knew the Great Peace which he was being trained to subvert. He was a strategist and a captain in the British Army. He helped the Quakers rewrite the Great Law of Peace and turned it into a Christian religion called the Handsome Lake Code. Read  Joseph Brant’s Skullduggery.
In 1775 he went to London, became a thirty-third degree Free Mason and received his apron directly from King George. He went to all our nations and told them that we Iroquois owed our loyalty to the King. [“Joseph Brant: Man of Two World”]. In 1805 he was deposed for his treachery by all 50 Confederacy War Chiefs. Joseph Brant, Man of Two Worlds book review.
Once the Corporations of the United States of America and Canada dissolve, the oligarchs will try to set up a pseudo power system they can control – the Five [6] Nations Iroquois Confederacy Inc. is already established in Onondaga. They are looking for the next Joseph Brant with the same qualities: fluent speaker of our languages, knowledgeable of our history, able to pull the wool over our eyes, and with the right clan.
Brant helped the oligarchs chop down the tree of peace so there would be constant war. We will raise the tree for world peace.
Canada’s corporate number is ISO 1366-2:CA. on July 1, Canadians celebrate “Corporatism Day”, the first corporation masquerading as a country. America was the second, ISO #3166-2:US, Feb. 21, 1871.

Is this the "Stomp out  Turtle Island" dance?
Harper to Free Mason fraternity boys: “Dance, dance to the Pedophilia Polka”? 
On this CANADA day Robbie reminds us “Together we dance, all the First Nations. There ain’t no chance we’re ever gonna give up. This is Indian country!” Robbie Robertson, Stomp Dance.
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MNN. June 29, 2014. We Indigenous sovereigns are mandated by Creation to set things in order. The government and court set up by foreign Admiralty Law can’t give something they don’t own. Buying and selling stolen property is against both our law as well as corporate Admiralty Law.
Actually Supreme Court of Canada just put themselves out of business!
“Actually they  just went  out of business!”
Onowaregeh was, is and will always belong to the true Sovereigns. On June 27, 2014 the Supreme Court of Canada “returned” stolen 1,750 square kilometres to the Tsilhqot’in Nation of central BC. Our boundaries are coast to coast, north, east, south and west.
These Corporatists cannot produce a binding deed to show the world how our stolen land came into their possession.
According to the Two Row Agreement made in 1701, half of everything went into our Indian Trust Fund. This allowed them to come and live among us. That fund was stolen. We want that fund and every profit they took on every tree, rock and waterway, everything above and below the ground which we never relinquished, sold, nor legally leased under the law of the Great Peace.
Corpo Canada has to respect our title to every piece of unsurrendered land and pay up. “Title” means we are the sovereigns and everybody in the world knows it! Creation placed us on Great Turtle Island. Every bit of the money the corporation of Canada and its corpo friends made from extracting and exploiting our lands and resources has to be fully returned, from 1704 when the ever-growing $980 trillion Indian Trust Fund was set up.
Step this way. We're ready to enforce the Great Peace.
“Step this way. We’re ready. It’s the Great Peace or else”.
Corporate criminals like Northern Gateway oilsands pipeline, BC Treaty Process and Tar Sands are called “game-changers”. We will make the changes. They possess nothing. It’s like playing cards with someone who has no money. The natural order shall prevail. This generation is bringing everything to a full circle now. Our murdered and brutalized ancestors are proud of how we never forgot them. We promised our ancestors the invaders will not get away with genocide.
The judges decided Canada can infringe on our rights to balance the interests of all Canada, something they never did for us. The thief, the fence and the buyers have no voice. They should be jailed for their brutality. The criminals are trying to make the rules again. Only we the owners can do that!
In 1864 Canada gave our money to build the railway across our land. Our resistance lead to the Riel Rebellion and other warfare. Riel was hanged and hundreds of Indigenous were jailed. 7,000 slave laborers were brought in from China to quickly build the railway while the heavily armed military protected them!
Every corporation must now follow the law of the land, the Great Peace, or there will be unrest.
Corporation of Canada dissolved! Under Great Turtle Island Management.
Prime Minister says the pipeline will go through. Mr. Harper, we will do whatever needs to be done by any means necessary!
We are the only sovereigns of Great Turtle Island. You have to live in peace according to the Two Row Wampum and the Great Law, pay up what you owe and dissolve all your corporations immediately. And you have our consent to leave with what you came with.
As ZZ Top sings: “I gotta make a decision to avoid a collision”. Z.Z. Top.
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MNN. June 15, 2014. NYS Governor Andrew Cuomo, the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. and St. Lawrence County have concocted an illegal MOU [Memorandum of Understanding]. These corporate entities want to distribute millions of dollars in gaming revenue from the Akwesasne Mohawk casino to the surrounding non-native communities. We Mohawks would be given the opportunity to buy back our own stolen lands in “St. Lawrence County” for $1.5 million. New York State will pay the county from our NY Gaming Compact revenues $2 million and any lost property taxes. The Mohawks will pay $4 million yearly to the county.
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. also hopes to sign away our 9 million acres of Kanionkehaka Mohawk land, which is most of NYS. Franklin County will give us a few dollars and a bit of sovereignty by running a jail for them in the middle of Akwesasne.
The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. "Cupcakes"!
The St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. “Too-much-cake” squad! Tony Arquiet, Johnathan Putnam, Gov. Cuomo, Ron Lafrance, Bev Cook, Eric Thompson & Michael Connors . 

This sour deal was secretly connived by the half-baked Corpo Injuns and their henchmen, Tony Arquiet, Johnathan Putnam, Gov. Cuomo, Ron Lafrance, Bev Cook, Eric Thompson and Michael Connors.
We Mohawk landowners in Wahta, Kanesatake, Kahnawake, Ohsweken, Tyendinaga and Ganienkeh have not been notified.
To suck the Mohawks dry, there will be a crack down on our tobacco economy.
Former Corpo Chief Paul Thompson is thrilled. He started the process to sell us out. “We can ensure education of our kids” [From the sound of this deal you could use some yourself!]. Also, we’ll pay less for the hydro power that’s created right on our land and water.
There's the old gauntlet for treason!
There’s always the old gauntlet for treason!
Thank goodness the Mohawk sovereigns see through this treason. Corpo St. Regis Tribal Council Inc. can’t surrender our 9 million acres to anyone, make us abide by corporate county building codes or make us pay taxes to anyone. Conceding criminal and civil jurisdiction over us violates the Great Peace. We will get a few thousand acres in a state forest.
They think the MOU doesn’t need our approval. They forget they’re dealing with the Kanionkehaka/Mohawk! Someone is getting rich selling something that isn’t theirs. If casino revenue goes down, the casino and our land can be seized and we Mohawks can get kicked off our land. Our land cannot be monetized, Cuomo!
The traitorous St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc. can be dissolved. How? Call a meeting of all our communities to dissolve the company. The majority attending sign a termination proposal. They go to the Secretary of State for a Certificate of Dissolution. They distribute company assets and close all financial accounts. Dissolving corporation in NYS.
Another way to deal with our sell-outs!
Hey, Chief, here’s a lemon meringue pie before we dissolve St. Regis Mohawk Tribe Inc.! 
Don McLean sang about the end of the Corpo Injuns: “So bye bye, Miss American pie. Drove my chevy to the levee, but the leveee was dry. And them good old boys were drinking whiskey & rye, singing, “This’ll be the day that I die”! Don McLean. “Bye bye, Miss American Pie”.
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MNN. June 12, 2014. On June 9 Kahentinetha of the Bear Clan, Kanionkehaka Mohawk Nation, sent this invoice by “Registered Mail” to the Canada Revenue Agency:

“Canada Revenue Agency                                                                                                   7thFloor, 555 MacKenzie Ave., Ottawa On K1A 0L5                                                          And – Technology Centre, 875 Heron Rd.                                                                     Ottawa On K1A 1B1 – 1-800-959-8281                                                                                        Attention: Andrew Treusch, Commissioner of Revenue                                                               & CEO
Upon receipt of your Notice of Assessment of May 5, 2014, [copy below] I send you my assessment of your debt to me for my share of the Indian Trust Fund, also known as the First Nations Trust Accounts. The fund was set up to ensure peace between the settlers and the Ongwehonwe people. I am 75 years old and need these monies now.
The Elder Collectors: "Our Sister wants her money now!"
Rotikstenha: “Our Sister wants her money now!”

On March 1, 2013 an invoice was sent to the Government of Canada for full payment of my share of said trust. Payment is past due. We are on the verge of taking it to the next level for collection.
Full payment is demanded within 30 days of receipt of this invoice. I assess my share to be $470 million and demand payment in gold bullion only. I demand payment forthwith to my trustee whom I have appointed for this purpose: Taiotekane, [address, phone number]. Should you fail to make full payment, collection procedures for this debt will be initiated. Govern yourselves accordingly.
Kahentinetha, Bear Clan
Payment to:                        Kahentinetha, Bear Clan                       % Taiotekane,  Date issued: June 9, 2014
Canada Revenue Agency                    7th Floor, 555 MacKenzie Ave.     Ottawa On K1A 0L5 CANADA 

Attention: Andrew Treusch  Commissioner of Revenue & CEO

The amount is past due.                                                
- [1] portion from Indian Trust Fund [First Nations Trust Fund]                                                 – Paid in gold bullion                        Notice of Assessment, WWW.CANADAPOST.CA            RN 012 361 284 CA was received by Canada Revenue Agency @ 11.38 AM. Wed. June 11, 2014.

 Amount Due $470 million                                      Full payment upon receipt of this invoice
"Never mind the book, Mr. Treusch. Take the gold bullion into the longhouse over there.!
“Never mind that book, Mr. Treusch. Take the gold bullion into the longhouse over there.!

As Blind Faith says: “We’re ready to set sail on a sea of joy”. Blind Faith. “Sea of Joy”.
Revenue Canada Notice of Assessment

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MNN. June l6, 2014. Recent unsubstantiated reports of a Russian hacker breaking into one of our servers is an attempt to sow discord between the Russian people and the Sovereigns of Great Turtle Island. These nations are bound by a 304 year old Peace Treaty Agreement. Listen to Voice of Russia interview about this with Elder Thahoketoteh. Russian hacker attacks Indian nation.
smoke signal

HARPER’S “HOT SPOT” SPIES [Diabo & Pasternak]
hogans heros
Harper has gone to Eastern Europe to help the US, EU and NATO get a war going there against Russia. He is also desperate for some action here. He just can’t seem to stir up unrest. We refuse to negotiate for our possessions under illegal crown policies. The Corporation of Canada can’t police us because they have no jurisdiction. They are desperate to continue the illusion of legitimacy. Harper puts Indians under surveillance.
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MNN. June 5, 2014. We have a law. The Great Peace, which is the true direction. We should have no fear from anybody to use it. People attending band council meetings are a minority who in effect sanction the fraudulent corporate system. The band/tribal council writes whatever the corporate agenda directs. In fact it is easy for any community to dissolve their corporate entity and reclaim their sovereignty because it is our true destiny.
Sign this corporation dissolution paper so we can file it it with the Registrar General.
The People to the Council: “Sign this dissolution paper so we can file it it with the Registrar General and be done with you once and for all”.
It’s easy. Call a final meeting. Chiefs sign the dissolution paper with everyone present. The people take them to the Registrar General and file them. They close the bank account and withdraw the money. An invoice is sent to the Corporation of Canada for their portion of the ever growing $960 trillion Indian Trust Fund payable in gold bullion only. When the papers are filed, the Registrar General will note it in the public record.  “One More Winter”.
One week later, the corporation pretending to represent the sovereign on our land can’t hold a gun to our heads.
kanionkehakaWhen the corporate band/tribal council entities are dissolved, Canada can no longer masquerade as the representative of the sovereign. They cannot have legal access to our land, resources and funds. People who continue to do business with the illegal entity, Canada, on our land will be charged in a non-Admiralty international format. All decisions are in the hands of Ongwehonwe, the only sovereigns of Great Turtle Island.
Like Canada and the US, all corporations posing as countries have the same shareholders. The plutocrats own 51% of any and all publicly traded companies. That way they can dictate to the 49%. This system ensures the continuation of war by dividing the people’s minds. 51% dictate to 49% perpetually.
Kahnawake belongs to the Kanionkehaka/Mohawk people. We are the sovereign and will not follow the Corporation of Canada rules. We will never sit in those useless corporate meetings waiting for the foreign axe to come down on us because we fight to live, survive and make a future for our children. The community of Wahta could be the first to initiate the snowball affect that will happen when they dissolve their corporate council. Wahta Mohawks. “We should not hold out our hands for crumbs when we own the whole loaf”, as one elder reminds us.
Queen put it right: We are the champions, my friends, And we’ll keep on fighting ’til the end. We are the champions. We are the champions. No time for losers ‘Cause we are the champions of the world.  We are t he champions.
Dancing for joy for the world!
Free of corporate genocide. Dancing for our destiny!
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Steven Seagal “Sakoiatakenhas”


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May 31, 2014. Movie star, Steven Seagal, came to visit his family in Kahnawake. They held a private family gathering. The Kahnawake Survival School singers sang and the people danced. Steven Seagal joined in. His family goes back to the 1704 raid on Deerfield Massachussetts when his ancestor was a captive from that raid. Deerfield Raid 1704. She lived in Kahnawake, became a Bear Clan Mohawk woman, had three children and died at 89 years of age as Kanenstenhawi [she brought corn]. Seagall is heading to Akwesasne to meet more of his family there on Monday.
Steven visits Mohawk relatives in Kahnawake.
Steven visits Mohawk relatives in Kahnawake.

The corporation of Canada sent in its two oldest corporate point men, [Indian agents] to steer the agenda and to control the local media. Jesuit trained Dan Brant Dan Brant and Andrew Delisle Sr. Andrew Delisle Sr. were dragging themselves around trying to control who Mr. Seagal spoke to at this family affair. The Jesuits have always tried to steer us since 1534 when they sent their agent, Jacques Cartier. The Jesuits have never stopped in their genocidal quest.  They have always tried to take over our community by trying to break up the family through “owista”, a disease of the mind which puts “me” before “we”.
The MNN editor was able to talk to Mr. Seagal. He was told about the 1710 International World Peace Meeting in London that our chiefs initiated. He heard about the wampum belts given to Tsar Peter the Great now being in Russia. We have been contacted to help them to interpret the meanings. He turned to me, his brows lifted and his eyes opened wide and he said, “That was just after that Deerfield raid and my ancestors were here,” as he pointed at the ground. He suddenly realized that he is Mohawk and half Russian! He shook his head in approval and said, “I will help!”  Canada threatens ancient Mohawk allies.
We heard that Steven also has a blues band. When they’re singing Muddy’s song, it could be about Mr. Seagal himself: “A gypsy woman told my mother before I was born, You got a boychild’s coming. He’s gonna be a son-of-a-gun. He’s gonna make pretty woman jump and shout. Then the world will know what this is all about”.Muddy Waters. “Hoochie Coochie”
Canada fears Aboriginal rights agenda.
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MNN. May 29, 2014. The crown corporation called Canada has been found guilty of genocide by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. TRC has no mandate in Admiralty Court to prosecute the crown [Vatican]. Any multinational corporations that do business with the criminal entity known as Canada are co-conspirators in fraud, theft and make themselves complicit in the continuing genocide. For those partnered with Canada in the resource extractive industries, we put your corporations and all of their shareholders on notice. You will be tried in a non-Admiralty court. So govern yourselves accordingly.The Queen of England is one of the shareholders of the crown and Canada is a crown corporation masquerading as the sovereign.
Every agreement we made was for ourselves and all our friends and allies.
Two Row Agreement was made for ourselves and all our Indigenous brothers and sisters. 
The true Sovereigns of Great Turtle Island will stop the illegal extraction. You have extracted our resources without dealing with us, the Sovereign. That constitutes fraud and theft. Every deal is in breach of trust and invalid. You are liable for the theft of our resources. Each shareholder of every company will be charged personally with complicity in genocide when we charge the crown in an international forum.
Unity plus strength of Ongwehonwe of all Great Turtle Island.
Unity plus strength equals peace for the  Ongwehonwe [Indigenous] of all Great Turtle Island.
The Vatican is the Crown. All corporations worldwide get their ISO [International Organization Standardization] numbers through the Vatican. Every country or state is given an ISO number to do business. Admiralty courts are also corporations for profit. Admiralty law is only for banks and corporations. Any Vatican corporation that is making deals with Canada will be charged with complicity in genocide.
We, the true sovereigns of this land, will not be going to Admiralty court. We will be charging the shareholders individually through a non-admiralty court.
Genocide includes the destruction of our natural world under the law of the land,the Great Peace. The only legal business transaction on Great Turtle Island is with the Sovereign. The 500-year war called “colonialism” against Indigenous people worldwide is over. We will sue you for what you owe us. In the meantime, we are ready to plant more crops and face a hard winter, but a bountiful harvest is coming. Ignorance of the Great Peace will be no excuse. Ignorance of the law is no excuse. 
Rotikstenha remember everything!
Rotikstenha; remember everything!
As Ted Nugent acknowledges, when the Council of Women assume their natural role as ‘mother nature’; “She’s got the power to turn out the light. She’s got the power over day and night. She’s the queen of the forest”. Ted Nugent. “Queen of the Forest”.
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MNN. May 28, 2014. The corporate band council system is part of the Corporation of Canada. The mission of the business is to distribute the poverty amongst our people to accelerate the resource extraction from our territories for their multi national corporations. For our people to regain our inherent power and possessions, the band council has to dissolve the corporate power grid.
Where is that Registrar General's Office to file those band council dissolution papers?
Where is that Registrar General’s Office to file these band council dissolution papers?

Corpo Chiefs are finally trying to stop the theft of our ever-growing Indian Trust Fund. 50% of the profit on every rock, tree and natural resource, has gone into our trust funds since the invaders arrived empty handed on our shores. The crown corporation of Canada has carried out genocide and placed us in prisoner of war camps called reserves while stealing all our possessions.
The corporate chiefs can instantly dissolve their band council corporate entity. Gather the forms, fill them out and go in person to the nearest Registrar General to file the articles of dissolution of the band council corporate entity. As soon as the filing is done, go Immediately and withdraw everything and then close that bank account. Each community send an invoice to the Corporation of Canada for your portion of the $950 trillion Indian Trust Fund, “Payable in gold bullion only”.
When Canada refuses to pay the invoice, an action can be started at the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague.
Negotiators: "You can only take what you came with!"
Negotiators: “Visitors! You can only take what you came with!”
The 500-year war of colonialism is almost over. As Chief Justice Murray Sinclair of the Truth & Reconciliation Commission states in his TRC communiqués: the mandate of TRC is to find the truth and develop a reconciliation strategy. They have no mandate to charge the crown.
They can’t because all courts in Canada are Admiralty controlled through the Vatican, which is the crown.
Charges can be filed for breach of trust and genocide against the crown corporation of Canada at the International Court of Arbitration in The Hague. This is not a crown/Vatican controlled Admiralty Court.
Plant more crops because we are going to have a bad winter. Nothing can be worse than our ancestors’ brutal experiences only two generations ago at the hands of these merciless invaders.
The war is almost over. One more cold winter. As Vera Lynn sings, “We’ll meet again. Don’t know where, don’t know when. But I know we’ll meet again, some sunny day. Keep smiling through, just like you always do. Til the blue skies drive the dark clouds far away”.
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